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EZSMS is a practical, low-cost and effective solution for reaching out to your customers.

Get in touch with them, customize messages for each one of your customers, and even start conversations with them by allowing them to call you back. Register now for free, and you can immediately use our SMS delivery function from your web browser.

Why SMS?

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SMS vs Social Media

Social media messages tend to be complex and require a long production time. The simplicity of SMS guarantees you’ll take just a few minutes to compose your message.

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SMS vs Voice Calls

Your customers might be inside the train, or anywhere public. They won’t take calls anytime. With SMS you’re sure to reach your customers every single time of the day.

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SMS vs Mobile Apps

More and more users are muting their app notifications. Data suggests that up to 50% of notifications will be turned off. Make sure your users receive important information by sticking to SMS.

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SMS vs Emails

90% of SMS are read 3 seconds after receiving it while email open rates stay stuck around 20%.

The easy way to reach your customers

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