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EZSMS provides a service that allows you to communicate using mobile phones simply by using short messages (SMS). After registering for free, you can use the SMS delivery function from the web browser you use immediately, or use the dial-in number.

International / Japanese Domestic SMS delivery

EZSMS sends SMS internationally to more than 170 countries over the world, including China, Korea, India and the U.S., not only Japanese domestic carriers.

Web-SMS, customize message with CSV

Avoid difficulties using mobile phone devices, use EZSMS for easier SMS sending from the web. Use CSV file to customize your messages.

All time, everywhere!
All service available online

From the initial registration, user authentication, purchase points to to check your log, ALL can be completed online at anytime, anywhere you like.

DialSMS gives you a success!

(This service is available to Japan only) Subscribe to a number to deliver your information to whoever wants it. EZSMS will send an pre-set automated SMS on every incoming call!


No monthly cost, no initial cost at all. Pay-as-you-use only.

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