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As easy as it can be. Send SMS from the web, no need to install any programs or have technical knowledge. Start engaging with your customers right away.

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Do you want to send messages tailored for each one of your customers, and call them by their name? You can do this by using customized CSV files and we will handle the rest.

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You can subscribe to a phone number and set SMS messages to be automatically sent every time a customer tries to call you with our DialSMS service.

  1. EZSMS users may apply and set DialSMS online at any time on their own.
    • Once the application is completed, it becomes possible to acquire an exclusive number to receive calls.
    • Since multiple exclusive called numbers can be acquired, they can be used according to the use case.
    • Please set a return message for each exclusive aquired number. A message can be used for multiple numbers.
    • You can also use variable to do tracking to the company's site in the return message
  2. The number will be available to receive calls from end users when a message is set to an acquired exclusive number.
  3. The set message will be sent every time a phone call is received from the end user.

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Notifications are not enough, and you need to engage in conversations with your customers? Using our K-Premium service you can register a number so they can message or even call you back.

Who can use this service?
  • Registered users
  • Corporation users
  • Users who passed our screening, to prevent spam SMS sendings
How to register?

Please contact us on support@ezsms.biz after your service registration. Make sure to include the email address that you register.

Please note:

We may disclose your profile and the purpose of use, senderIDs you set to KDDI Corporation for the reason of spam SMS prevention.

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When this option is on, the first URL/domain name in the message will be replaced with our private short-url before being sent. In the event of that the recipient clicks the link on their device, access to the URL will be recorded. Download sending-log to see which message has been clicked.

No initial cost, pay-as-you-go SMS delivery service

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