EZSMS Terms of Service

The EZSMS Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is a function provided by the service "EZSMS" (hereinafter referred to as "this website") operated by Xoxzo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") defines matters to be complied with by users using this service (hereinafter referred to as "users "). When using, it is necessary to read the following terms of service carefully and agree before registering the account as a user.

Article 1 (Use)

Use of this service shall be available only to users who have undergone registration procedures specified below. We assume that you have agreed to these Terms of Service at the time the user starts using this service.

  1. After confirming / agreeing to this agreement, the user shall apply for the use of this service in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company.
  2. When using this service, it is necessary to be able to connect to the Internet or each user to have minimum computer literacy or apply settings. Those who can not do these or do not know are not able to use the service.
  3. The Company shall be able to refuse the application for use if we deem it inappropriate. Also, if we deem it inappropriate even after approval of application, the Company can cancel the registration of the user based on this agreement.
  4. The user shall not state objection to the refusal of the application by the Company and the cancellation of registration.
  5. The user shall promptly notify the fact to the Company when there is a change in the description items of the application such as the name, address, telephone number etc.
  6. Support for this service is limited to email.
  7. (Sub-account)
    • The user can create one or more subaccounts after getting approval according to the procedures specified by us.
    • Subaccounts can use that function under the control and responsibility of the user who created them.
    • As for the use of subaccounts, this agreement is applied like the user.

Article 2 (Registered Email Address)

  1. If we reasonably guess that it is used by users who have not undergone registration procedures and if we deem it necessary based on the load of this service, we will limit the number of accesses / hours from a specific IP address Or refusing access, etc. may be done.
  2. We may deny access based on our judgment without contacting users if we determine that there is a violation of the rules by the user and if our company determines that the use of this service by the user is not appropriate.
  3. This service assumes that you can access the e-mail address registered by the user in order to confirm important information and the user's identity. You may not be able to use this service because you can not access the registered mail address.

Article 3 (Points)

  1. The Company shall sell dedicated points (hereinafter referred to as "points") that can be used for the usage fee in this service to the user, and in the case where the user desires to purchase points, In accordance with the procedures of the above, and designate a predetermined payment method and other necessary information for payment of the said fee.
  2. Points shall be sold in points specified by our company.
  3. The number of points consumed by using this service will be announced on our website.
  4. The expiration date of points (including free points) is 90 days. The count day of the points' expiration date starts on the point acquisition date (or point purchase date). We will inform the user the point expiration date before the expiration date of the point use.
  5. Payment for point purchase is payment by valid credit card payment in the name of the user himself, electronic money, and other payment method separately determined by the company.
  6. The user shall not be able to share, sum, donate, lease, pledge, assign or sell or trade points between users at all.
  7. If the user falls under any of the following matters, we may cancel some or all of the points held by the user. In addition, we are not responsible at all for the point we canceled. If we judge that it is the use of fraudulent points, we will be able to claim damages against that user.
    • When a user illegally obtains points
    • In the case of acts in violation of the preceding paragraph (prohibition of transfer of points) and Article 7 (Prohibited Matter)
    • In addition to the above, in case of violation of this agreement
    • In addition, when we judge that it is appropriate to cancel the points owned by the user
  8. If there is a notification of refund request from the user within 3 days from the date of purchase, only unused points can be refunded out of points purchased by the user.
    • We will refund the amount of refundable amount minus the refund fee of 10% of refundable amount.
    • The amount to be refunded is calculated based on the average point unit price (tax withdrawal amount) at the time of purchasing the corresponding point.
    • The minimum refundable amount is limited to the case where the refund fee is deducted to be 2,000 yen or more. We can not refund less than 2,000 yen.
    • If there is no other payment method by the payment method separately determined by our company, in principle, we will transfer it to the bank account in the name of the user himself. However, in the case of bank transfer, the transfer fee is borne by the user.
  9. When a user leaves this service, the handling of unused points held at the same time as withdrawal is the same as above. However, except for the individual contract account, if the user satisfies any of the following on the expiration date of the point use deadline despite the user registering to use this service, we will delete the account without notifying the user concerned.
    • When user has not purchased points for using this service
    • When user is not logged into this website
    • When user does not use point consumption function
  10. The Company shall be able to change points which are the fee for using this service in advance by announcing it on our website or by notifying the user in a way that we deem appropriate, and the user shall accept this.

Article 4 (License etc.)

  1. In accordance with the conditions stipulated in this agreement, the user shall use non-exclusive use of the information (hereinafter referred to as "this information") provided by the Service, among the information posted on this website by the Company.
  2. We can modify and stop this service regardless of reason without obtaining prior consent of the user.
  3. By using this service, the user shall develop a service that gives a false recognition to this website to a third party and shall not be published on the Internet.

Article 5 (Rights)

The property rights such as copyrights related to the contents and individual information, trademarks, images, advertisements, designs (hereinafter referred to as "contents, etc.") contained in this service belong to the Company, the author or the copyright owner who created it.

Article 6 (Credit indication)

The user shall indicate that the information displayed by the application developed using this service was provided by us in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company.

Article 7 (Prohibited matter)

  1. Users should not use this service and this information in a state of slander, defamation, obstructing the proper operation of the service, and harming our company or a third party.
  2. The user shall remove, obscure or alter any indication of any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right displayed or included in this Service or within this Information, etc.
  3. Users should not send unsolicited e-mails using this service. If we suspect the fact that user is sending unsolicited e-mails, we may take action to stop the use of this service without notice.
  4. Users are prohibited from using this service and this information on or within the application including the following contents.
    • Grotesque · obscene expression that the general person feels discomfort, contents and photographs of blatant sexual depiction etc
    • Expression including content related to criminal acts, violent expression and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual preference or age etc
    • Those that contain content that violates public order and morals, laws, etc., or those that may be
    • Infringing the rights of us or third parties such as Patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright, privacy, portrait right
    • Things that are not true, those that may mislead third parties
    • Things that hurt other people's honor or credibility, others that give other disadvantages
    • Embed computer virus, etc., interfere, destroy or restrict proper operation of our company or third party software, hardware or communication equipment etc
    • Those that violate or may violate this Term
    • Those having the function of comparing the same type of information as the content provided by the Company, such as price information in this website
    • Other items that we deemed inappropriate
  5. Users should not use this service or this information for any purpose or manner that infringes laws, ordinances, regulations, government office orders, etc.
  6. The user should not use the service in the state that it misidentifies and confuses the website by exaggerates or misrepresents the relationship between the Company and the user or a third party beyond the scope expressly granted to this service and this information under this agreement, or the application viewer.
  7. You may not compile or use this service and this information for purposes other than those specifically permitted in this agreement.
  8. Regardless of the purpose, the user shall not resell, sublimate or re-grant information obtained from this service.
  9. The user can not copy and store this information or other information posted on this website on its own, third-party database or other recording medium (excluding cash etc. that are approved).
  10. User may not sell, edit, process, adapt or otherwise change, redistribute, sublicense or assign any or all of this information or any information posted on this website.
  11. We shall suspend the use of this service, deletion or other measures deemed appropriate by the Company to the user in case the act corresponding to each of the above items is done. Such measures may be taken even when the Company determines that the user has violated the content or purpose of this Agreement or made an act inappropriate in light of the spirit of these Terms. Such actions may be taken at our discretion, irrespective of user's inappropriate conduct regardless of user's responsibility. The user shall not object to the fact that we can not answer any questions to the user regardless of the reason for why we have taken such measures. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user suffered damage due to the above measures taken by the Company.
  12. However, we are not obligated to monitor information (including data, content) that users or other acts or users provide or transmit (including users' use).

Article 8 (Injunction / Information Disposal)

  1. We may request an injunction for the user's violation of these Terms.
  2. In accordance with our instructions, the user shall delete this information and other information posted on this website (including edits, modifications, adaptations and other changes)from the recording medium, recording media shall be discarded.

Article 9 (Indemnity)

  1. We do not warrant any errors, errors, bugs or breaks in this service or the information contained in this website, nor any reliability, accuracy, completeness, safety or validity.
  2. We hereby notify you that we do not take any responsibility for complaints on any damages, liabilities, damages and liabilities that may arise in connection with the use of this Service or in connection therewith by the User, and the use, trust, or reference to this Service.
  3. We are not responsible for the results of sending / sending using this service. Regardless of the result, we can not refund any points about points used by using this service. In addition, the information sent / transmitted is user's, and we do not take any responsibility.
  4. Even if the possibility of damages is pointed out due to the use of this service or this information, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by any of the following users or third parties caused by any of the following events We assume no responsibility. (However, excluding cases where there is deliberate or gross negligence in our company)
    • Usage or unavailability of this service
    • This information and other data and information obtained through this service
    • User originating / sending or unauthorized access to data or modification
    • Third party comments or acts concerning the use of this service
    • Any other matters concerning the use of this service

Article 10 (Inspection)

  1. The user agrees in advance that the Company may take measures such as inspecting the application etc. of the user developed using this service if it falls under the following conditions.
    • When we judge it necessary for the user to ensure the quality of the link of this website
    • When the Company determines that it is necessary for compliance with laws and regulations, compliance with these Terms and Conditions, the user of the Company or this website or other third party's rights, property, or safety

Article 11 (Modification and termination of this service)

  1. At its discretion, we may change, suspend or terminate all or part of this service (including the content of this information) without notifying the user in advance. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user or a third party suffers damage by that.
  2. We may stop or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to the user if there is any of the reasons below. We will not assume any responsibility even if the user or the third party suffers damage by that.
    • In case of maintenance or other construction work of the facility concerning this website / this service by our company or the third parties we designed
    • In case of failure or failure of the facility concerning this website / this service by our company or third party designated by our company
    • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis, war, disturbance, riots, blackouts and other emergencies occur
    • At the request of the appropriate agency such like Judicial, administrative agencies etc.
    • In other case that we judge it necessary for operational and technical reasons

Article 12 (Change of these Terms)

We may change these terms arbitrarily. In the event of any change in these Terms, it will take effect as of the date posted on this website. After changing this agreement, if the user uses this service, we assume that the user accepted the change.

Article 13 (Violation of these Terms)

In case of damage to our company or third party due to violation of this agreement by the user, user will indemnify it with the user's own responsibility and expenses. In addition, regarding the complaints, disputes, etc. arising with the third party by using this service, the user himself / herself shall process and resolve with the third party, and any inconvenience to our company will not be applied.

Article 14 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The terms of this agreement and the relationship between the user and the Company shall be interpreted under the Japanese law and in the event of a need for litigation between the user and the Company, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Simplified Court will be the primary Judgment exclusive jurisdiction of the trial court.

Article 15 (Elimination of anti-social forces)

In the case The Company has reasons to believe the User is deemed to be a member of anti-social forces (gang, gangster, who have not passed the five years from the time that is no longer in the gangster, gang quasi-members, gang-related companies, racketeers, etc., social movements such as advocating grounder or special intelligence violence groups, and other means a person pursuant to this.), or, those who relate, cooperates or involved in with anti-social forces and its maintenance operation or management through funding or such, the Company may suspend the use of the Service for the relevant User, cancel or suspend the User's API key, or take other measures that the Company deems appropriate without requiring any prior notification to the User. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage suffered by the User as a result of the Company having taken the measures above.

*If there is a difference in the interpretation of the terms of use between Japanese and English, prioritize the contents of the Japanese terms of service