Usage Cost / Point Sales

No monthly cost, no initial cost at all.
Pay only for services and functions that you use.

Delivery Service

K-Premium SMS transmission

1.2 Points

Per message

Link Tracking

+ 0.1 Points

Per message


Using the dialSMS has three parts of the cost that are: "Dedicated incoming number monthly subscription", "incoming call receipt" and "SMS delivery". Depending on the incoming number type, monthly subscription and per-call receipts vary. SMS delivery costs will be the same as SMS Sending.


50.0 Points

Monthly cost

1.0 Points

For each incoming call


300.0 Points

Monthly cost

7.0 Points

For each incoming call


300.0 Points

Monthly cost

7.0 Points

For each incoming call

For example, one incoming number 050-xxxx-xxxx is subscribed in a month and there were 20 incoming calls in that number. When SMS is sent to and providing information for each incoming call, the points consumed in that month are:

  • Monthly subscription of 050-xxxx-xxxx = 50 points
  • 20 incoming calls are 20 x 1 points = 20 points
  • One SMS delivery for each incoming 20 points by 1 point (excluding part of network / carrier) = 20 points
  • Total 50 + 20 + 20 = 90 points will be consumed

Point Price

Points are sold as a system fee to use EZSMS. It is a prepayment service style that you purchase points first and use the service. Points can be purchased from login members page.

Number of points to purchase Unit price of 1 point (excluding tax)
5 ~ 10 50 JPY
11 ~ 30 40 JPY
31 ~ 100 30 JPY
101 ~ 300 20 JPY
301 ~ 500 15 JPY
501 ~ 30,000 10 JPY

* A consumption tax (10%) will be added to the total amount of your purchase if you are a resident of Japan.

For example, if you purchase 9 points, the unit price is 50 JPY, so the payment amount will be 450 JPY (tax excluded). On the other hand, if you purchase 500 points, the unit price is 15 JPY, so the payment amount will be 7500 JPY (tax excluded). Please purchase points after considering the total number of delivery schedule and style of use.

* Point Purchase Restriction

For one purchase, the number of minimum and maximum purchase points are as follows. There is no particular limit to the number of purchases.

  • Min : 5 Points
  • Max : 30,000 Points

Payment Options

Online Payments

Following payment method is available for purchasing SMS point. Since payment is processed in real time, points will be added to the account as soon as payment is confirmed.

Because credit card payment is carried out 3D secure (authentication service), 3D secure registration is necessary.

Visa Master American Express JCB Japan Net Bank Rakuten JCB PREMO
Postpay contract is available to only for corporation users

If an organization user wish to, there is a postpay contract available. Point usage summary will be billed at the end of each month for the user to pay by the end of the next month. Please contact helpdesk for more details.