Make your business more successful with EZSMS

Many businesses use social media and email marketing,
but have you tried SMS marketing?

Not only does SMS have faster (97%) and higher (98%) open rates than email (20%), SMS also has a 209% higher response rate. Use SMS for your business and be assured that people read your messages right away.

User safety and security first

Protect user accounts and fight fraud: use SMS to add an extra layer of security for your business.

Save yourself time

We like efficiency: use the EZSMS web form and send a bulk SMS with a click, everything can be managed inside the EZSMS online platform.

Easy to customize

Use CSV files to make lists to cater to smaller groups or individuals. Easy to do, yet personalization can make a difference.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

SMS is one of the easiest, fastest and most reliable ways to get your messages across. Use this to your advantage for an exceptional customer experience.

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Use EZSMS and stay on top of the highly competitive recruitment industry

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Real Estate

Keep potential property buyers and tenants engaged with EZSMS

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Dating Services

Acquire more customers without extra effort with EZSMS

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Storage Services

EZSMS makes payment reminders faster and easier.

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Provide excellent customer service with EZSMS for hospitality

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No initial cost, pay-as-you-go SMS delivery service

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