DialSMS Terms of Service

The Dial SMS Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "terms") stipulate matters to be complied with when users registering (hereinafter " User ") on the service "EZSMS" (hereinafter referred to as "this website") operated by Xoxzo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company")use dialSMS ("service"). Please read the following terms of service carefully, agree, and apply before you use.

Article 1 (Use)

The use of this service shall be available only to the user who made registration procedure (hereinafter referred to as "registration") on this website. We assume that these Terms of Service was agreed at the time the user starts using this service.

  1. The user confirms and agrees to these Terms and then makes an application for use of this service (hereinafter referred to as "Use") pursuant to the procedures prescribed by the Company.
  2. The Company shall be able to refuse the use in case deem it inappropriate. Also, if we deem it inappropriate even after registration approval, you can cancel the registration of the user based on this terms.
  3. The user shall not state objection to the refusal and cancellation of registration by the Company.
  4. The user shall promptly notify the fact to the Company when there is any change in the description items of the application such as the name, address, telephone number etc.
  5. Support for this service is limited to via email.

Article 2 (Service)

  1. A user can have multiple dedicated numbers (hereinafter referred to as "dedicated number") by the user performing the procedure for using this service.
  2. By setting an SMS message to reply in advance, the user can send an SMS message to a person who called the dedicated number (called "end user").
  3. SMS messages can only be sent to SMS-compatible mobile phones. The call fee to the special number will be borne by the end user. Since SMS messages can not be sent to landline, IP phone, PHS etc., please inform end users adequately when using.

Article 3 (Fee and payment method)

The usage fee and payment method of this service are as follows.

  1. Each time you acquire a dedicated number, the user who made the procedure for using this service will be charged the subscription cost every 30 days from the acquisition date.
  2. Each incoming call from the end user will be charged to the user. Even calls from landline, IP phones and PHS etc. will be subject to billing when there is an incoming call to our system.
  3. Every time SMS message set by user being sent to end user is charged. Regardless of the result of the SMS message delivery, it will be charged when the SMS message is sent from this service.
  4. As for payment method of usage fee of this service, we use points defined by our company. For points, Article 3 of the Terms of Service shall apply.

Article 4 (Prohibited act)

  1. The user uses the information provided by this service and the registration (hereinafter referred to as "this information") shall not use this service in a state of slander, defamation, obstructing proper operation of the service, and other harm to the Company or a third party.
  2. The user shall not remove, obscure or alter any indication of any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right displayed or included in this Service or within this Information, etc.
  3. When the information notified by the user and the information actually sent by SMS are different or when an action such as collecting a mobile phone number by deceiving the end user is suspected or a complaint from the end user to the Company If there is such case where measures are taken to stop the use of this service by the user without prior notice.
  4. The user is prohibited from using this service and this information on the application including the following contents or within the application.
    • Grotesque or obscene expression that the general person feels discomfort, contents and photographs of blatant sexual depiction etc.
    • Expression including content related to criminal acts, violent expression and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual preference or age etc.
    • Those that contain content that violates public order and morals, laws, etc., or those that may be
    • Infringing the rights of us or third parties such as Patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright, privacy, portrait right
    • Things that are not true, those that may mislead third parties
    • Things that damage other people's honor or credibility, others that give other disadvantages
    • Embed computer viruses or the like to obstruct, destroy or restrict proper operation of our company or third party software, hardware or communication equipment etc, or those that may be
    • Those that violate or may violate this Term
    • Those having the function of comparing the same type of information as the content provided by the Company, such as price information in this website
    • Other items that we deemed inappropriate
  5. Users should not use this service or this information for any purpose or manner that infringes laws, ordinances, regulations, government office orders, etc.
  6. Beyond the scope explicitly granted to this agreement, the user should not exaggerate or misrepresent the present service and this information or the relationship between the Company and the user or a third party, or lead the viewer of the application misidentify and confuse the application and this website, etc.
  7. User may not compile or use this service and this information for purposes other than those specifically permitted in the terms.
  8. The user shall not resell, sublimate or re-license the information obtained from this service, regardless of purpose.
  9. Users are not permitted to copy and store this information or other information posted on this website on self, third party database or other recording medium (excluding cash etc. approved).
  10. You may not sell, edit, process, adapt or otherwise change, redistribute, sublicense or assign any or all of this information or any information posted on this website.
  11. We shall suspend the use of this service, deletion or other measures deemed appropriate by the Company to the user in case the act corresponding to each of the above items is done. Such measures may be taken even when the Company determines that the user has violated the content or purpose of this Agreement or made an act inappropriate in light of the spirit of these Terms. Such actions may be taken at our discretion, irrespective of user's inappropriate conduct regardless of user's responsibility. The user shall not object to the fact that we can not answer any questions to the user regardless of the reason for why we have taken such measures. We do not assume any responsibility even if the user suffered damage due to the above measures taken by the Company.

Article 5 (Information provision)

We will provide users with the destination phone number of the end user who used this service, but we do not disclose or provide these information to third parties.

For other matters not mentioned above, EZSMS Terms of Service shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Xoxzo Inc.