Dating Services

Automate time-consuming processes with EZSMS and acquire more customers
for your dating service without extra effort.

Go the extra mile with Interactive advertisements
  • By adding a subscribed phone number to your advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or online and setting a SMS message, people who call this number will automatically receive this SMS message to guide them to your website.

EZSMS is time efficient
  • By setting an automated message, you don’t have to be available 24/7 to take phone calls from people interested in your service: they will immediately receive all the information they need by SMS.

Multiple numbers available for multiple purposes
  • You have the choice between 050, 0120 and 0800 numbers and it’s also possible to subscribe to several phone numbers at the same time.

Hi John, This is a reminder to sign up to dating service ABC.
The love of your life is waiting for you!

Improve your service quality with SMS reminders and announcements
  • Use the acquired phone numbers to send bulk SMS messages to people like reminders to sign up for, or use your dating service or important announcements regarding your service.

Collect useful customer information with link tracking
  • You’re able to track URLs in your SMS message and analyze the results at the EZSMS dashboard to find out who of the recipients clicked on your link. By analyzing these results you can find out who is serious about your service and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

EZSMS offers solutions for diverse industries

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