Hair salons

Be one step ahead of your competition
by introducing SMS to your marketing strategy

Your Hair Salon
reservation is at 5/28 3PM.
Please call to change
or cancel your appointment:

Provide the best service with SMS reservation confirmations
  • Sending a booking confirmation by email is common, however since we receive many emails every day it’s easy to lose sight of the booking confirmation. By sending the most important information by SMS, customers can easily check the date and time of their hair appointment on their phone at any time without having to search their email mailbox and without needing the internet.

Dear customer, we have a
new hair treatment,
book this week
to get 2000yen off
Reserve now:

Notify customers of new treatments, products and more.
  • When offering a new service at your hair salon such as a hair treatment or new products like shampoos or conditioners, we recommend you to take this as an opportunity to bring in customers. Add a discount to get your customers even more excited.

Dear customer,
introduce a friend to
the Hair Salon between 7/31
and 8/30 and receive
20% off on a haircut:

Bring in more customers by organizing SMS campaigns.
  • Celebrate special occasions and holidays such as Christmas and Valentines Day with a special discount SMS coupon for your customers.
  • Give out SMS coupons for days and times that business is slow to increase customers.SMS coupons can also play a role in increasing the number of customers during the off-season.
  • Have an ‘introduce your friend’ campaign to introduce friends of existing customers to your business.

Happy birthday!
Enjoy 10% off on
hair coloring or a
cut at the Hair Salon
Book now:

Scheduled SMS sending and birthday coupons at the salon
  • Make your customer feel special with a birthday celebration and a discount coupon. Using EZSMS scheduled sending you are able to schedule birthday SMS messages to go out on your customer’s birthdays.
  • Because the coupon is sent to the customer’s phone, they don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring it to the salon.

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