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Your appointment with
Doctor A is at 8AM
on May 28th.
Changes or cancellations can
be made at

Easily send SMS appointment confirmations from your pc.
  • Send a confirmation message to patients so they can easily check the appointment date and time at any time.
  • Include a link to your website for changing and cancelling appointments to decrease the number of sudden appointment cancellations and no-shows.

The test results of your
health check are in:

Provide fast test results for your patients
  • SMS is the fastest way to reach patients. Send them a text message as soon as their test results are in so they see them online or include a phone number for a follow-up appointment.

You can pick up your
medication from 10/30
at Pharmacy A:

Prescription reminders
  • Provide excellent patient care by reminding patients to pick up their prescriptions by SMS.

Staff working in ward 1
are requested for the
meeting in room 3B at the
emergency MTG building at 1PM today.

Staff and team communication
  • Make use of SMS to notify staff of urgent matters such as emergencies and unplanned meetings.

Please submit next week’s
shift request by 6PM.

Shift and schedule changes
  • Requesting shifts early on makes it easier for everyone on the team to plan their own schedules. By sending reminders for submitting shift requests and arranging requests before the deadline by SMS it is easier to plan schedules in a timely manner.

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