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Keep potential property buyers and tenants engaged through SMS:
With EZSMS for real estate, sending updates, announcements and confirming appointments has never been easier.

We have a new property available on main street, listed this morning for $125K. Please find more information at or call 050-1234567

Improve your service quality with personalized updates
  • Emails have low open rates and making phone calls can be time consuming and possibly disturbs people. Let potential buyers sign up to receive SMS messages through your website or property ads for the most effective communication.
  • By using CSV files, you can create different groups of recipients by categorizing potential buyers by location, budget, and more to send a more targeted message.

Thanks for your interest in property ABC, this is a reminder to make a viewing appointment. Please visit or call us at 050-1234567

Keep potential buyers engaged with follow-up SMS messages
  • Send potential buyers follow-up SMS messages and updates about properties they’re interested in.
  • Include call-to-action URLs or a phone number in your SMS so the recipient can keep engaging with your business for inquiries, make viewing appointments and more.


Call 050-1234567 to receive information by SMS

Use real estate text riders to advertise your property
  • 49% of home buyers use yard signs to find information about the property.
  • Subscribe to an EZSMS phone number and save yourself time. Potential buyers are able to call this phone number, which triggers an automatic SMS with information about the property. This means you don’t have to be available 24/7 to take calls and potential buyers receive the information they need right away.

Hi John, you’re invited to the ABC open house on Main Road on Saturday 12/25 from 3PM. Please call 050-1234567 to confirm your attendance.

Organize open house events time efficiently by SMS
  • With one click you can invite all potential buyers in the area to your open house event.
  • Keep track of the guest list by letting people participate or cancel through SMS.

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