Use SMS and stay on top in the highly competitive recruitment industry:
EZSMS allows you to reach out to job applicants easier, faster and with a higher response rate.

Thanks for your interest in the vacancy for junior accountant. You can view the job description and apply online at

Notify potential applicants about relevant job vacancies
  • Use SMS to let potential applicants know about new job vacancies so they won’t miss out. By including a link to your website they immediately have access to more information.
  • By using a CSV file you can categorize people by industry of interest, experience level and so on, so people only receive job vacancies that are relevant to them.

Thanks for your interest in the vacancy of junior accountant. Please don’t forget to apply before the closing deadline at 12/23. Visit

Receive more applications with SMS deadlines reminders
  • Receive more applications for job postings by reminding potential applicants about application deadlines. By doing this through SMS instead of email you’re guaranteed that more people will read your message.

We have confirmed your interview at company ABC on Thursday 12/24 at 9AM. Please view more details at or contact us at 050-1234567

Confirm interview attendance by SMS
  • Use EZSMS to confirm interview attendance with job applicants through SMS so they can find the details about their appointment on their phone at any time.

We want to remind you of your interview at company ABC on Thursday 12/24 at 9AM. In case of cancellation, contact us at 050-1234567

Reduce no-shows
  • Reduce the number of no-shows at interviews by sending reminders and giving job applicants the option to cancel through SMS through an URL or phone number.

Hi John, you’re invited to the ABC job fair in Tokyo on Saturday 12/25 from 6PM. Please sign up at

Promote events successfully with EZSMS
  • Invite people to recruitment open days, job fairs, and other events by SMS instead of email for a higher open rate, and therefore a higher response rate.
  • Use a CSV file to categorize people by location and notify them about events in their area.

Hi John, I hope you’re well prepared for your interview with company ABC tomorrow. We have some tips for your interview here: Best of luck!

Improve your service quality with SMS job interview tips
  • Prepare applicants for job interviews by sending them tips through SMS and help them land a new job. This shows great customer service which is beneficial for the relationship between recruiters and applicants.

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