Car Rental Services

Run your car rental service efficiently by using our SMS sending service
Sending SMS messages from your computer has never been easier.

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Market your service with SMS
  • SMS is an effective method to reach out to previous customers and remind them of your car rental service. Not only does SMS have a higher open rate than email, it’s also less time-consuming than making phone calls.
  • Create a loyal customer base by sending them discount codes and keep them coming back.

You can pick rental car A up on 10-12 from 8AM at Rentacar. Address:

Reduce no-shows with meeting confirmations
  • Use EZSMS to send customers confirmations and/or notifications of their car pick-up location and time. Recipients can always reconfirm their car pick-up details by checking the message they’ve received on their mobile phone.
  • In addition, if you provide customers an URL or phone number with an option to easily cancel the pick-up by SMS, you can reduce the number of no-shows.

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