Notify your customers by SMS for a higher open rate than email or app notifications!
EZSMS is the platform to send bulk SMS messages to customers for special campaigns,
discount coupons, reservation confirmations, reminders and more!

Thank you for your reservation for 2 people
at restaurant Steak
on 9-26 at 7PM.

Improve your service quality with SMS booking confirmations
  • Welcome your guests by confirming their reservation by SMS. By using EZSMS it’s easy to send SMS messagesin bulk from your PC. They will be able to check the the date and time of their reservation at any time by checking the confirmation message on their mobile phone. Add the address with a link on Google Maps so your guests can easily find your restaurant.

This is a reminder for your reservation at restaurant
Steak for 2 people
on 9-26 at 7PM.
To cancel please call:

Reduce no-shows with SMS booking reminders
  • Remind guests of their reservation 2-3 days in advance and reduce the number of no-shows.
  • Make it easier for customers to cance their reservation by includinga phone number or a link to your webpage from which they can cancel.

This is a reminder for your
reservation at restaurant
Steak for 2 people
on 9-26 at 7PM.
To cancel please call: 050-1234567

Important announcements
  • Inform regular guests of important announcements by SMS, such as the change of opening times. Because 95% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes your guests will not miss your message.
  • Unlike email, you don’t need to have internet connection to receive and open SMS messages. Therefore customers will always be able to open and check the reservation message at any time. This is especially convenient for tourists who have limited internet access at their holiday destination.

We want to remind you of your interview at company ABC on Thursday 12/24 at 9AM. In case of cancellation, contact us at 050-1234567

Reduce no-shows
  • Reduce the number of no-shows at interviews by sending reminders and giving job applicants the option to cancel through SMS through an URL or phone number.

Hi John, you’re invited to the ABC job fair in Tokyo on Saturday 12/25 from 6PM. Please sign up at

Promote events successfully with EZSMS
  • Invite people to recruitment open days, job fairs, and other events by SMS instead of email for a higher open rate, and therefore a higher response rate.
  • Use a CSV file to categorize people by location and notify them about events in their area.

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