Check out our tips for SMS marketing for e-commerce/retail and online shops!

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Product updates
  • Notify customers about new products right away through SMS.
  • Let customers sign up for SMS notifications on your website and let them know when their favorite products have been restocked.

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Use SMS to send sales updates and coupons
  • Send customers coupons and discounts. This can help your business during slow periods to bring in more customers.
  • Bring in more customers by doing SMS campaigns! Let customers know when a seasonal sale such as the new year’s and summer sale will start.

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Use SMS to invite customers to a loyalty program
  • You can use SMS to invite customers to sign up for your shop's point card.
  • Make it easy for your customer to download your app by including a link in your SMS message.

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Abandoned cart recovery
  • Convince a customer to complete the final step in purchasing their item by reminding them of the items in their shopping cart.
  • You can even send the customer a coupon code to encourage them to make the purchase!

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