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Introduce EZSMS to your storage service:
Confirming meetings, sending reminders and important announcements has never been easier.

Hi John, this is a reminder that your payment for storage service was due on 12/25.
Please make your payment at

Improve your service quality with SMS reminders
  • Emails have low open rates and making phone calls can be time consuming: SMS is the most effective way to reach people and remind them about important announcements such as overdue payments.
  • You can include payment details in your SMS message so that people can refer to this information when they have time to make the payment.

Hi John, we want to confirm your meeting with Storage Service ABC on Thursday 12/24 at 9AM.
In case of cancellation, please contact us at 050-1234567

Reduce no-shows with meeting confirmations
  • Use EZSMS to confirm and remind people of meetings through SMS so they can find the details about the meeting on their phone at any time.
  • Reduce the number of no-shows by giving people the option to cancel through SMS through an URL or phone number.

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