Travel industry

The travel industry is booming, now is the time to increase your sales!
SMS marketing is a powerful tool for reaching travelers at any stage of their trip, from planning to post-trip follow-up.

Hotel ABC
booking confirmation
2023/12/20 from 12:00AM
2023/12/25 10:00

Mobile tickets and booking confirmations
  • Make guests feel welcome by sending them a friendly booking confirmation.Guests are always able to check the confirmation SMS to find the date and time of their booking on their phone.
  • This way, customers will have the information available even in remote locations without a steady internet connection.

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Promote travel deals:
  • Because SMS has the fastest and highest open rate, even compared to email it’s perfect for promoting last minute deals.
  • Advertise your travel agency to previous customers and send them discounts to keep them coming back.

We hope you enjoyed your
trip to Hokkaido
Participate in this 1 minute
survey for a coupon

Conduct surveys with huge open rates
  • Because SMS has the fastest and highest open rate, even compared to email it’s perfect for promoting last minute deals.
  • SMS has a higher open rate (98%) than email (20%), therefore, you have a higher chance that people will take your survey if you notify them by SMS.

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Improve your service quality with SMS booking confirmations
  • Make customers feel excited about their trip by sending them reminders and tips about their upcoming trip or travel location. This may encourage them to also book a hotel or tour packet through your agency.
  • Remind guests of cancellation fees that will occur if they cancel after a certain date.

Due to bad weather
your flight AA7991
to Dublin has been cancelled.
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Respond to emergencies
  • From natural disasters to political instability, there are many threats that can disrupt your travel plans. Travel companies can use SMS marketing to respond to the crisis in several ways.
  • Airlines can use SMS messages to share flight cancellations and delays with customers.
  • Tourism companies can use SMS to provide up-to-date information on how to evacuate in an emergency.
  • It can also be used by tour operators to inform customers of any itinerary changes or safety concerns at the destination.

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