Provide excellent customer service with EZSMS for hospitality:
SMS is the most reliable, fastest and easiest way to reach out to guests for confirmations, announcements and surveys.

Hi John, thanks for booking a room at Hotel ABC.
Arrival 2020/12/20, check-in: 12:00.
Departure 2020/12/25, check-out: 10:00.
We look forward to your stay! For questions, contact: 050-1234567

Improve your service quality with SMS booking confirmations
  • Make guests feel welcome by sending them a friendly booking confirmation.
  • Guests are always able to check the confirmation SMS to find the date and time of their booking on their phone.

Hi John, thanks for booking a room at Hotel ABC.
We want to remind you of the cancellation fees if you cancel your stay after 2020/12/13. For more information visit

Reduce no-shows with SMS booking reminders
  • Remind guests of cancellation fees that will occur if they cancel after a certain date.
  • Send guests a reminder a few days before their stay.

[rock festival 2023]
Rockband C’s performance at 2:15PM has been moved to stage 2

Conduct surveys with huge open rates
  • Collect useful feedback from guests after their stay by conducting a survey.
  • SMS has a higher open rate (98%) than email (20%), therefore, you have a higher chance that people will take your survey if you notify them by SMS.

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